Visit Rzeszów app

Visit Rzeszów is an audioguide app in the form of thematic walks. Put on your headphones, take a walk, learn about the most important figures and places in Rzeszów. 

The Visit Rzeszów app was conceived as a comprehensive solution to enhance the experience of both tourists and residents exploring the vibrant city of Rzeszów, Poland. This innovative mobile application was designed to provide convenient access to a wealth of information about the city's rich cultural heritage and the people associated with it.

User research, Interaction, Visual design (+ illustrations), Prototyping

• Figma
• Photoshop

• Fragmented access to Rzeszów's cultural information and disjointed exploration experiences hindered both tourists and locals.
• Traditional methods lacked engagement and failed to personalize the exploration process.
• Users sought seamless navigation and a deeper connection with the city's heritage.
• Gathering the most relevant information in one place
• Engage users with fun challenges related to landmarks.
• Provide a version of the walks with a local guide to spark participants' curiosity to explore the city of Rzeszow further on their own
General User Flow sketch
The Visit Rzeszów app is all about simplicity, ensuring users access key functions without distractions. Through a clean interface and intuitive pathways, essential features like map and audio guide are easily available.


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