Hey there!
Welcome to my corner of creativity. For the past couple of years, I've been immersed in the vibrant world of design, shaping experiences primarily in mobile games and apps. You might've caught me crafting digital adventures at CreativityAR or Simplicity Games.
Beyond pixels and interfaces, I find joy in wielding brushes on both traditional and digital canvases. When I'm not in design mode, you can catch me on a BMX in the mesmerizing realm of flatland tricks or diving headfirst into immersive gaming experiences.
Design challenges are my playground—I thrive on untangling complex problems. My curiosity fuels my drive to connect with people, delve into user research, and cook up innovative solutions. Collaboration is where the magic happens—I'm all about the teamwork dance.
Currently not on the lookout for new gigs, but always up for some exciting side projects. Feel free to drop a line—I'm game for a chat about work, play, or anything in between!
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